On Thursday, July 4th, an exhibition titled "THE STORY OF KAHU MUHU" was opened in the rectory of Muhu Church in Liiva. Textile designer Liisi Tamm experiments with objects created from local wool materials.

Photo by Miina Aleksandra Piho

"The idea for the exhibition began two years ago during a trip to Muhu Island, when I was introduced to a knitting house located in the former cultural center in Nõmmküla," explains Liisi Tamm about the background of the exhibition. "From there, the vision began to develop to experiment with knitted textiles that could be turned into various clothing or interior products." The exhibition features both finished and unfinished objects, demonstrating that sheep's wool, in addition to being used for gloves and sweaters, can also be applied as interior textiles.

Photo from private collection

The wool from Muhu island sheep has been used as a material in the works of students from the Pallas University of Applied Sciences for years. "This is how I first came to Muhu, when we came to sort wool at Kadri Tal's place," Tamm specifies. Over the next year and a half, she started visiting Muhu to knit in Nõmmküla, to contemplate the possibilities of maximizing the value of the local material, and to get acquainted with the local island and its community.

Photo by Lisette Laanoja

The exhibition in Liiva will remain open until September 7th.

Liisi Tamm