Estonian Textile Artists

Estonian Textile Artists' Association (ETAA)

The NGO Estonian Textile Artists' Association is a creative union of professional textile artists, established on February 15, 1993.

The association's objectives include perpetuating and developing the traditions of textile art formed in Estonia, supporting and encouraging the creative activities of its members, advancing textile art education and offering consultations, as well as organizing professional art education and self-improvement. Additionally, the association aims to promote Estonian textile art domestically and internationally and to collect and disseminate information related to textile art. 

Members of the ETAA may include professional artists and art scientists who have demonstrated their creative prowess in practice, as well as legal entities that support the association's constitutional goals.
Honorary membership of the ETAA is granted to individuals who have rendered exceptional services to Estonian art and the association.


ETAA Board

Head of the Board: Aet Ollisaar 
  Members of the Board: Heleri Alexandra Sits-Tamme, Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins, Ene Pars, Reet Talimaa


Contact Information

Head of the Board: Aet Ollisaar


Address: Vabaduse väljak 6, Tallinn


Visual Presentation of Textile Artists' Activities (1990-2008): Visuals from Maasike Maasik's presentation at the textile art seminar at ETDM, 2008.


Membership Admission:

Admission and exclusion from the ETAA occur through the decision of the general assembly, typically once a year.


Candidates for membership must submit an application, portfolio, and written recommendations from two ETAA members to the board by no later than May 15th. Documents should be sent to
Portfolios can be submitted either digitally or in paper form, and candidates may also submit additional materials if needed. Paper submissions must be delivered by no later than May 15th.

The general assembly may confer the title of Honorary Member of the Association to individuals who have made significant contributions to Estonian art and the Association. Honorary members do not have the right to initiate the general assembly (i.e., no voting rights at the general assembly or eligibility for election to the Association's bodies). If an existing member of the Association is granted honorary membership, the restrictions outlined in this section do not apply. Honorary members are exempt from membership fees.

Membership Fee
  • Regular fee: €20/year
  • Pensioners: €10/year

MTÜ Eesti Tekstiilikunstnike Liit (NGO Estonian Textile Artists' Association)
  • Registry Code: 80085418
  • Address: Vabaduse väljak 6, Tallinn 10146
  • Account Number: EE332200221013989379
  • Cash payments can be made at the Estonian Artists' Union office