As part of the project "Who Remembers Last? Who Remembers Better?" a large rya-style carpet will be woven collaboratively in Kadrina community center throughout December. The artwork, created in collaboration with the community, will be showcased in the Tütar Gallery exhibition in January.

Maryliis Teinfeldt. Photo by Francesco Rosso

According to Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins, the carpet tells the story of a lost mountain. "The artwork, created through community collaboration, is inspired by my research in my hometown, Kadrina Parish. It narrates something that exists only in the memories of the local people and in a few scattered photographs. The lost mountain serves as a symbol, providing a glimpse into a complex chapter of not only Kadrina's but the entire Estonian history, whose echoes are still strongly felt today," explained Teinfeldt-Grins. The completed artwork will be exhibited in January at the Tütar Gallery in Tallinn.


The communal weaving takes place in Kadrina community center throughout December on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00, and on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 20:00. Community members can join the project at any time, with larger groups kindly asked to register in advance. The event is free of charge.

 The lost village with road network and house sites. Drawing by Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins

Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins (1993) is a textile artist who narrates stories of longing through landscape depictions. In her creations, she combines embroidery, photography, tapestry, drawing, and dialectal poetry. The artist is a member of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association and the Estonian Artists Association.


The project is generously supported by Aade Lõng OÜ, UAB Teksrena, and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


For additional information:

Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins

+372 55 629 455