A Place to Come To. How to talk about a place where, when you enter, the external weight and pressure suddenly stays behind, because when you step inside, everything is balanced again? During the five years in the Aparaaditehas studio, textile artist Aet Ollisaar and interior designer Madis Liplap have shared professional discussions and creative challenges and enjoyed the inner freedom and peace of mind that are needed to create something new. The exhibition brings together the works of both authors and creates one possible visual interpretation of a place to come to.

The exhibition is driven by the authors' interest in architecture. Madis Liplap, a mindful observer and aficionado of spectacular architectural works, and Aet Ollisaar, an emotional beholder and passionate collector of abandoned objects, create an environment in Made in Aparaaditehas gallery, in which memories of encounters with houses play a key role. Whether it is an accidental passing, an emotional snap on the phone, or a long life together with the house, all of them have left their mark. The limited space of the small gallery gives the opportunity to recreate an environment that seems tangible, but in reality, is inaccessible, just like the houses that have slipped past one's eyes.

 Photo by Aet Ollisaar

Studio 100 will open its doors to visitors on November 24, 2023, on the Aparaaditehas Gallery Night, and give a guided tour of the exhibition A Place to Come To in the gallery Made in Aparaaditehas at 18:30.

 Photo by Aet Ollisaar

Graphic design Marju Roos.


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