On Wednesday, February 14th, at 17:00, Sigrid Huik will open her textile exhibition "Time Framed" at the Design and Architecture Gallery in Tallinn.

The exhibition is a retrospective and introspective view of carpets created at different times and in various techniques, and silk paintings made specifically for this exhibition, contemplating time travel.

I equally love designing and weaving picture tapestries as well as silk painting. Thus, I decided to bring both genres to this exhibition. I also turned the carpet designs into cushions to mark my colorful creative journey.

"Time Framed," the exhibition title, refers to a memory stored somewhere in the recesses of the mind, yet constantly changing. For some time, I have wanted to paint on fabric buildings important to me, influencing my path. The longer I have played with the idea, time has moved on, altering or even erasing some of these important buildings. The building of the 21st school's primary classes, where my school journey began, is no longer there. The Art Institute/ERKI building on Tartu Road is also gone, and from the building on Estonia Avenue, where I had my first job, only the facade remains. Thus, I decided to paint on fabric the important buildings that are still standing. Since childhood, St. Nicholas' Church has been special to me, where my father and grandfather worked as restorers. Börsi Passage is significant; I joined the Estonian History Museum family 16 years ago, and the museum shop was located in Börsi Passage. Working in a museum has been very enriching.

The new fabrics are created using cyanotype and/or wax batik techniques, with charming brushwork added. I learned the secrets of cyanotype in the 2023 summer workshop of the Estonian Textile Artists' Association at Anu Raud's creative center in Heimtal.

The new exhibition fabrics share a color palette under a mute, influenced by an impressionistic painting style.

Sigrid Huik


Sigrid Huik (born 1964) studied spatial and furniture design at the Estonian State Art Institute (ERKI) and graduated in textile art (1988). In her work, she expresses herself in both tapestry and the delicate technique of silk painting, occasionally incorporating unexpected nuances into her pieces. Huik's works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Estonia and abroad, and her creations can be seen in several public spaces and are also part of the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Sigrid Huik is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association, the Estonian Textile Artists' Association, and one of the owners of the applied art gallery Kunstiaken.


The exhibition is designed by Aime Andresson.


The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment.



Sigrid Huik